5 Reasons Why Decreased NAD+ Levels Are Killing You

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5 Reasons why decreased NAD+ levels are Killing you

 Decreased NAD+ Levels Causes Rapid Aging

The younger you are the easier it is for the mitochondria in your body to develop NAD+.  As you get older you have decreased NAD+ levels and this results in DNA damage which is the essentially source of all aging.

Your DNA is the building blocks that make up your body’s structure and as they getDecreased NAD+ Levels damaged it causes problems that lead to the effects of aging.

If you need visual representations think of every cell in your body containing a DNA version of Jenga.

You remember that game right? If you have decreased NAD+ levels then each time your cells replicate it’s like someone taking out a block.

Which makes the cell less stable.

Do that enough times and…. well…. Jenga……

Which is why it is so critical to keep your NAD+ levels as high as you can.

Decreased  NAD+ Levels  Increase Chances of Cancer

NAD+ protects your skin from damage in by absorbing UBV rays which are the main cause of skin cancer.  If you have higher NAD+ levels not only will your skin be more resilient to the sunDecreased NAD+ Levels but it will prevent skin cancer.

Also, as previously discussed, it helps prevent DNA damage which is one of the key elements of aging but that is also a key element in cancer as well.

For example, lung cancer develops when your lung tissue creates new cells that no longer perform their intended function as part of the system and start “living for themselves.”

This occurs when the previous cell replicates itself to create a new cell but it’s DNA was so damaged that it could not “remember” its purpose.  And thus, the first cancerous cell is born.  This is why increased NAD+ Levels can help prevent cancer from ever developing.

Decreased  NAD+ Levels Causes  Increased Exhaustion

NAD+ plus is used to acquire electrons which are what provides the mitochondria with energy.  Decreased levels of NAD+ make the mitochondria in your body less efficient and can lead to Decreased NAD+ Levelschronic fatigue.

You mitochondria are basically tiny nuclear reactors in every cell of your body filling it with energy by converting proteins, carbs, and fats into ATP which is what our body keeps on hand for energy.

If mitochondria stop working properly or at least have a decreased efficiency then it could lead to extreme exhaustion.

If you experience low energy levels or fibromyalgia you should consider supplementing with NAD+ by clicking here. 

Decreased  NAD+ Levels Makes You Fat

NAD+ activates certain genes that boost your metabolism.   A boosted metabolism will lead to burning more calories and dropping your LDL cholesterol levels.   If you have always found it difficult to shed the needed pounds then boosting you NAD+ Levels is a great step to take.

ThisDecreased NAD+ Levels all comes right back to your cells and the tiny nuclear reactor called mitochondria.  Just like with fatigue how quickly you mitochondria can transfer glucose into ATP will make a huge difference in your weight as well.

Basically, your digestive system is like a is like one of those automatic tennis ball servers rapid firing glucose at your mitochondria who should then return the serve (create ATP).  But if the mitochondria are slow then you get a lot of balls on the mitochondria’s side of the court which is basically what fat is.  Stored food you didn’t use at the time.  Check out my article on how to naturally increase NAD+ levels here.

Decreased  NAD+ Levels Makes You Stupid

Okay, maybe not stupid.  But have you ever felt like you were in a fog you just couldn’t get out of?  Mitochondria play a massive role in mental health and brain function and if you NAD+ levelDecreased NAD+ Levels decrease then your brain function will also increase.

This is for the exact same reason you get tired or fat.

Your brain is a control room with a bunch of employees that never get to leave.

And if your mitochondria, take out delivery people, are slow to bring them food then they will get hungry and their productivity will start to fall.

The faster the mitochondria can process energy and give it to the control center of your body the sharper and more focused you will be able to be in all tasks.

So there you have it 5 Ways Decreased NAD+ Levels Are killing You

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